Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelets

Complete the Lookz’ Shamballa Crystal Bracelets are amongst the most worn accessories by a lot of popular celebrities and big icons in the fashion industry.

We offer Single Shamballa Crystal Bracelets in great prices and in a wide range of lovely colours that will match any outfit, style, or mood of the occasion! Treat yourself with one of our gorgeous items below and avail of our free delivery today!


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New Union Jack Stretchy Crystal Shamballa Bracelets

Our new special edition Shamballa bracelets Union Jack Crystal Balls and White crystal Balls FO..


Beautiful New Green and White Two Tone Shamballa Bracelet

New Arrival   Our latest disco ball real crystal shamballa bracelet in two-tone gree..


Beautiful Silver Shamballa Bracelet

  Colour - Silver shamballa bracelets with crystal ball size:11*11mm alloy bead hem..


Black And Gold Unisex Crystal Bracelet

 Black and gold bracelet that looks Amazing for you. Crystal Bracelet Black and gold U..


Black and Silver Two Tone Tube Crystal Shamballa Bracelet

Enjoy glamorous sparkle with this Black and Silver Two Tone Tube Crystal Shamballa Bracelet. ..


Black And White Crystal Unisex Shamballa Bracelet (17 different colours)

This Macrame Bracelet is unisex.There are 5 of 12mm white and 4 of 12mm black clay crystal beads and..


Black Unisex Crystal Shamballa Bracelet

Constructed from 9mm Black crystal disco ball beads, and finished with four charcoal coloured haemat..


Champagne And Silver Crystal Shamballa Bracelet

Lovingly constructed from nine 10mm crystal encrusted disco ball beads in Champain and silver, ..


Dark Blue Crystal Shamballa Bracelet

Nine 10mm super sparkly dark blue crystal Shamballa bead Finished with charcoal coloured haematite b..


Full Pineapple Crystal Shamballa Bracelet

This summery new addition to the Shamballa family features nine yellow and lime green 10mm crystal e..